Thursday, October 23, 2014

Singapore Trip in July Part 2

Woke up the next day feeling so rejuvenated and energized for a long day out, but first... time for some cereal! What we found in the kitchen were no ordinary cornflakes but maple syrup flavored waffle crisp cereal! A touch of glucose in your system is good for you early in the morning ('ںˉ

and breakfast was served.... in a fancy dainty styrofoam bowl hehe ƪ(ړײ)‎ƪ​​ 

by the pool, facing nature :)

We bummed around the house enjoying its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful interior, until our tummies started growling again and it was time for lunch! According to Min, the chicken chop restaurant was a short walk way from  his place so we decided to take a walk. Who knew his short walk wasn't as short as it seemed to be ٩๏̯͡)۶

After our mini cardio session, we found out upon arrival that the place was closed for the that day! Just our luck! hahaha! We ended up at the cleanest (and most expensive too haha) mamak I've ever been to right beside the restaurant we were supposed to go. 

I'm not a mamak kinda girl so forgive me when i say i was actually so excited looking at all the different kinds of prata and yes Singaporeans calls our 'roti canai' prata if you didn't already know. I wonder whats the story behind the different names. Could it be because Singapore didn't wanna seem like copycats or maybe prata sounds more posh as it totally rhymes with Prada. I hope my attempt of making a bad joke was somewhat funny, don't lah feel offended if you are singaporean k :P

First seeing a mamak that is kept so squeaky clean ≧◡≦

DSC_0236 DSC_0242Mushroom Cheese Prata

To all my dear malaysian friends out there, don't bother trying their mamak food because it's super expensive and can't match up to the ones at home unless you'd like to experience a cleaner environment with better air ventilation at a mamak then by all means hehe.

You probably can't see it but sweat was oozing from me pores! I sweat really quickly once exposed to heat :( and funny how i was wearing my gym attire paired with my TopShop high top sneakers! Such an odd combination but oh well.

I think those buns got bigger after a plate of Praaaaata
taking a tour around the residence
we barely saw people walking around the place, such peace and quiet tranquility.

visited their cozy little gym!
HAHAHAHAHA!! WOAH! That expression is for Real! please don't keel me :p

After a much needed shower and prepping, we headed out to pick up Kabby, Hailey and Tobi from the airport! It took them forever to come out, waited until our legs wanna break hahaha! They were probably held up at the immigration, it was a great relief when we saw them exiting! 

Our first touristy spot was Garden by the Bay, it wasn't my first visit but the last time there wasn't enough time to go inside the enormous domes of plant wonders. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of plants but what is a world without greenaries, i really can't imagine how depressing and dull our lives would be. NO COLOR NO LIFE! Whenever i look at gorgeous plants, there's only one person in mind, my Mother! 

Pictures taime!

It's unfortunate that one of the domes were closed for some major changes so we only managed to enter the Flower Dome and not Cloud Forest (doesn't that sound odd when you say it out loud? lol) anyway..

Welcome to the Flower Dome!
We were greeted by a whole family of cactuses plus its extended family too! 
DSC_0373 DSC_0369
No girl would be thrilled.
My handsome models with a very much inflamed tree.
purple-ish things make me happy

Introducing Hailey, Tobi and Kabby :)
love this candid!
DSC_0442 DSC_0424
Pollen @ Flower Dome
garden14 garden13

I feel like i'm in bollywood!
spot the Min through the colors of eden
garden05 garden06 

garden07 garden09
garden10 garden11
wouldn't it be lovely to eat by this view?
Chocolate Raspberry
Red Velvet
mbs09 mbs08
surprise surprise!

Dinner @ DB Bistro Moderne, Marina Bay Sands
mbs11 mbs12
Complements from the chef, some sort of cheese pastry which was so light and delicious!
Sinful pork belly salad, the picture does not do any justice to how amazing it taste! The pork literally melts in yo mouth, MUST TRY!
accompanied with red wine :)

Took a stroll back to Gardens by the Bay as we parked the car there, it was a long walk back but who is complaining when there is great company and such beautiful lights?
DSC_0686 DSC_0682 DSC_0668 DSC_0661 DSC_0648
It took a me several blur shots to finally capture this.. like glitters in the sky.
till next time, 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Singapore Trip in July 2014 Part 1

My Singapore trip this time was different from the usual. I was invited by Yang to join him and his friends in Singapore for a short getaway. I've always loved Singapore for its oh-so clean and safe streets, just strolling in and out of shopping malls that are easily accessible without getting scorched by the sun or wet from the rain and of course the awesome transportation system aka SMRT. I could gallivant alone the streets feeling safe and not feel frightened of getting mugged and etc. I wonder when will that day come for Malaysia, will it ever? 

Anyway, Yang and I booked a last minute flight with AirAsia! Our first trip together, was super exciting! Silly boy surprised me with upgraded seats and food! An apology gift for pissing me off HAHAHA! ok you're forgiven :P 

Fun fact: the upgraded seats (which was the second row in front) didn't make much difference because the plane was pretty much empty! Not surprising as we took the 6am flight hehehe! anyway really appreciate the thought :3 thank you!

Mom and dad of course had to send their beloved daughter to KLIA 2 and see her off at the gate! Thank you dear parents :)

The Loaf @ KLIA 2
ignore the forks, wasn't thinking when i took this, lack of sleep!
DSC_0040That's some intense conversation parents. (mom's gonna kill me for posting this up!!)

meanwhile on board...

*air stewardess pushing food cart across the aisle* 
Mel: It would be funny to order their Nasi Lemak! Lol
Yang: *smirk*
*air stewardess passes two boxes of food towards our direction*
Mel: *thinking they made a mistake*

awww sweetness overload! their pancakes were really not bad, fluffy enough :) yummm! by the time food was served and after taking multiple pictures of the food, we only had about 15 minutes to eat! You've no idea how funny that was! lol not enough time to finish the nasi lemak. #thecoolestsurpriseever #thankyou (˘̩̩̩˘̩̩̩)

We met up with Min aka Aye as he was awaiting our arrival! He offered to drive us to meet up with my auntie and visit the kids before going to his.

Introducing.. Prince Jordan! it was my first time meeting him and he is as adorable as he is in pictures sent by Ee Jasmine. such an angel <3

julian02 jordan01
New toys from Canada! 

We had breakfast together at the nearby kopitiam, unfortunately it was such a short visit but che che promises to be back soon enough ok? :) my usual visits to Singapore is mainly to spend time with this mischievous fella and ee Jasmine! Since now there is an addition to the family, i guess there will be more noise and fun during my next visit! ƪ(ړײ)ƪ​​  

Min drove us back to his vacation house immediately after to settle in and put up our feet. Yang got 0 hour of sleep while i got about 2 hours?

Our jaws literally dropped when we caught a sight of the condominium. You'll understand soon enough ≧◡≦

Without further ado let me present to you, Nassim Park Residence in the heart of Singapore, just a 10 minute walk to Orchard Road.
the view from one of the rooms, gorgeous huh? ƪ(◡♡
and here's a mini tour around the place!
sg4 sg5
sg7 sg6
previously the fridge was empty until Min stocked up for us, so sweet of him :)
Its own personal lift (⊙_⊙')

After settling in we didn't bother leaving for the malls just yet, the bed was way too tempting and comfy so we took a short nap.


Cute Fact: Min got us toothbrushes along with toothpaste and towels! Just like in the hotels! SO PAMPERED RIGHT? the most hospitable host ever! ❤

Yang and I had our first meal at Jones The Grocer @ ION Orchard! Their menu during our visit was pretty limited because of the odd timing so we ended up just ordering from the bar. We were also still quite full from earlier and saving our tummies for dinner with Min.

yang01 food04 food03Smoked Paprika Chicken Burger food01 Dukkah and Hummus Dip with Assort Jones Toasted Bread
I think i'm becoming a fan of hummus! yum yum (˘ڡ˘)
sg09 Beautiful ION Mall

It was finally time for dinner after some shopping was done and believe me Yang shops way more than i do!

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe @ Wheelock Place was where we had our substantial and satisfying dinner! ڡ˘)

min01Min who was probably describing all his favorites to us! Yes order everything thank you :D
DSC_0163Assortment of SushiDSC_0157Foie Gras bursting with flavor!
This fruity smoothie has 'Melissa' written all over it (◦'ںˉ◦)
I can't remember what this is exactly but i'm pretty sure it's Fried Mochi! I LOVED IT!
Giant Scallop Chawanmushi and more shushi!
so cute :)
food07Unagi & Yakiniku Kamameshi
food08Sesame Tofu Dessert was heavenly! it melts in the mouth :)
Wah this dessert damn special, needs to be in a cage to protect its fine texture!
food05The highly recommended infamous Tofu Cheesecake was really good! *craving now*melyang01look who i found along Orchard road? a 16 year old Thai boy! hahaha!! KIDDING! ƪ(ړײ)ƪ​​ 

Spent the rest of the night just chilling at Min's place with whiskey by the pool, couldn't feel more relaxed :)
We've got ourselves a sexy bartender ('ںˉ)
I think he sweated while getting more ice from the kitchen Lmao! so far far far away..

Shamelessly posing in my jammies!

(pictures below were taken with my iPhone5)

Staying by the pool wasn't cool enough so we went in for a dip. We also figured out that the pool is an exercise pool! Basically you swim against the water jet endlessly for maximum workout, just keep swimming :D a sort of treadmill pool!


IMG_1866 IMG_1691
and of course bikini selfies! #abercrombie

That's all for Day 1 in Singapore! Much more happenings coming soon, the next day Yang's Hong Kong girlfriends arrived and joined in our trip!


to be continued....