Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ramadan with Novotel Kuala Lumpur

Ramadan is here and this year Novotel KL City Centre has put together an amazing buffet spread called "Bazaar Desa" from 20th June to 15th July. Bringing together all the different local  food that is often found during this holy month under one roof. Their Executive Chef Huzaidy and team has came up with 3 different menu on rotation with over 100 traditional Malay dishes! There is no better way to break your fast with a wide selection of flavorful local delights!

The specials would be Banana with Cheese, Mee Rebus Tulang, Kacang Pool & condiments, their signature Oven Roasted Lamb, chicken/beef satay, 3 selections of Laksa and Khatirah Juice!

I didn't get to take picture of every dish but these are probably enough for you to salivate!

Khatirah, peach tea, bandung coconut, sugar cane, sweet corn juice
Thirst quenchers!
They also have hot drinks and to my surprise they had my favorite soya bean with the correct amount of sweetness! 
Stuffed beancurd
Tauhu Sumbat
Assorted fritters
Assorted Fritters 
Oven roasted lamb
That's one huge Lamb drumstick!
Their oven roasted lamb was tender and bursting with flavor :3
Grilled squid
Grilled Squid
Marinated chicken perchik on shawarma
Marinated Chicken with Shawmar
Beef Rendang
There's no ramadan without some luscious thick coconut caramelized beef!
Lontong goreng
Lontong Goreng
Steamed Butter Fish in Sze Chuan Mala sauce
Steamed Butter Fish in Sze Chuan Mala Sauce
Light with a fiery kick!
Fish Curry
Chicken Satay on the grill baby!
Beef Satay
Satay has gotta be one of my all time favorite local food, BEEF satay to be exact! Can't live without my beef! From experience, buffets normally serve scrawny looking satay unlike the ones here that are chunky and much tender! Definitely up to standard! *2 thumbs up*
Lo Han Chai
Lo Han Chai
Steamed soft bean curd with minced meat & chicken floss
Steamed Bean Curd with Minced Meat and Chicken
Banana Cheese Fritters anybody?
If you've not tried this combination, you're missing out in life my friend!
Mee Rebus Daging
My first time ever trying this noodle dish, spicy with a touch of sweetness.
The meat was cooked to perfection!
CENDOL! Need I say more?

Assorted Local Cakes
nt07Cookies! I was so tempted to sapu all but too bad I had a shoot the next day :( 
Local dessert 'kuih keria'
Kuih Keria
Sugar coated donuts ftw! 

  Idiyappam and Idly  

For ya'll pudding monsters! There is not 1 but 3 different flavors!
_SAM6195 _SAM6197_SAM6223
Fruits, my best friends.
Pulut Hitam aka Black Black Glutinous Rice
Meet Karamjit the Senior Sales Manager @ Novotel KL
Rajiv the Sales Manager @ Novotel KL
This is my second time meeting them, always so friendly and welcoming :D It was nice seeing you guys again!
A big thank you to Ching the Communications Executive @ Novotel KL for the invite and great hospitality! She's such a sweetheart! Will definitely be seeing you soon :)
NKLCC Bazaar Desa

100% a Happy tummy guaranteed! ;) 

What are you waiting for? Call +60 3 2147 0888 extension 7668 or email to make your reservations now!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Singapore in May 15' Part 2

Jogging around Robertson Quay reminded me how amazing it feels sweating outdoors and just appreciating my surroundings. I've definitely overspent my days being cooped up indoors for way too long now. I'm always at the gym whenever I workout and running on the treadmill is outright depressing compared to being outdoors where fresh air and abundance of nature is. Here's a quick fun fact: I hate running on the treadmill so I'd rather climb the stairs on the stepper machine like a mad woman and trust me it's way more challenging. Unfortunately for us Malaysians the safety back home just hinders women from jogging outdoors, I mean you don't even feel safe at public parks, I don't know about you but I would be paranoid as hell with all sorts of hooligans "lepak-ing" around. #trueStory

Lucky me bumped into more than 10 cuties that morning! 4 legged cuties that is hehe, what were you thinking? tsktsktsk. My Bruno would have a field day if only he could join in.

Got cut short by the storm and headed to the gym for some floor workout.
A big shoutout to Believe Active for this cute 'Never Never Never Give Up' inspirational tank top! Love Love!

Kim made reservations for brunch at Arteastiq Boutique Tea House @ Mandarin Gallery.

We both ordered from the "Gentlemen's Dinner" section, yes we are ladies with a huge appetite, judge us for all we care :P
The Prince of Monte Carlo
Basically a beef short ribs sandwich.
Beijing's Dynasty Duck Pancake
Just the right portion of protein, veg and carbs! Filling yet it doesn't leave you with a bloated tummy, still can look good in pictures after ya lol.
photo 2
Ginger Spice Tea with Mao Shan Wang (type of Durian) gelato.
Fascinatingly enough this was pretty mild, not like how you'd imagine it to be as ginger and durian in general are both pungent in taste and odor. For the first time our king of fruit is classy.
Us on our way to meet up with our auntie Jasmine and family.

The first time I went to Gardens by The Bay was last summer and if you like to read that again or haven't read that, here's a shortcut ;) CLICKME!

SAM_5400 SAM_5403 SAM_5406
Baby Jordan *muackmuack*
Julian and I, spot the photo-bombers! too Adorable!

It was Tulip Mania at The Gardens! Lucky me got to see REAL tulips for the first time ever, no need for a flight to Amsterdam hehe. The crowd 
SAM_5408 SAM_5409 SAM_5410 SAM_5413 SAM_5416 SAM_5422 SAM_5427 SAM_5428 SAM_5431 SAM_5432 SAM_5442 SAM_5445 SAM_5447 
Look how perfect they look, it's just surreal! My mom would go crazy if she saw these beauties!
SAM_5450 SAM_5456 SAM_5462 
Ugly Duckling
Little Mermaid
My auntie Jasmine :) 
Timeout for some local snacks and buns! Julian and his pitless stomach!

As soon as I made my first step into the Cloud Forest dome I could feel my goosebumps immediately being awaken! It was so chilly and I was obviously not attire ready for that strong gush of cool wind. I was in complete awe when being greeted by this majestic waterfall! Oh and be prepared to get a little wet ;) 
SAM_5503 SAM_5512 
AHHHH His eyes so dreamy! This cheche so sneaky, the only time he would agree on a wefie is when he is preoccupied with milk! hehe.
SAM_5514 SAM_5515 SAM_5519 SAM_5530 
Waterfall behind me!
Walking on the sky walkway is definitely an experience you shouldn't miss (even if you're afraid of heights, this is your chance to conquer that fear!!), the view is just breathtaking! 
Cab selfie!
Dinner at Watami, my saba fish set! Yum yummm! Thank you for the meal Ee Jas <3
I could have sworn I've seen Mr. Bean soya ice cream in KL! Kim was so eager to have some, eh hello KL also got please!
Clarke Quay
I wanna go back to stay in this cozy studio room!
photo 1
Using the staircase as a tripod is a Must.
SAM_5577 SAM_5579
This was some quality cocktail @ Super Loco!

The next day was filled with more exciting events! Stay tuned guys!