Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nerovivo Lunch Date ♥

I got a lovely surprise text from Vanessa two weeks ago inviting me out on a date! Her boyfriend who is a close friend of mine has always mentioned that we (Nessa and I) needed to meet when she comes to KL cause he was real certain that we would get along and so the three of us met up for dinner and to no surprise, Nessa and I clicked immediately. She's totally how I imagined her to be, easy going and real cheerful with her British accent, hawt! Not to mention she's absolutely gorgeous! Too bad guys, she's taken :P I still remember for the very first time we greeted each other on skype, her accent was so strong it was amusing! Can't help but be a little of a 'jakun' hehehe! I don't come across asian girls with a strong British accent very often k... Not to mention that it's the real deal!! 

So we agreed to go for an Italian lunch! I've been to Nerovivo once but it was years ago during a family dinner and I can't remember what I ate so I can say it's sort of my first time there too.. no?

Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomatoes
"fritto della casa" basically deep fried squid, prawns, white baby fish with delicious creamy dip!
one of Nerovivo's classic pasta dish, Squid ink taglietelle crab pasta!
The taste of it was out of the world! Tasted really buttery yet not jelak and that distinct crab flavor went so well together. Their pastas are homemade so it was thick enough, cooked to perfection!
That poised moment before I ruined my red lipstick and devoured this pasta dish which included using my hands (how else would I eat crab huh?)! Poor Nessa had to see such a sight... on our first date! hahaha!
homemade Scialatelli pasta with mix seafood, white wine & saffron sauce
yummy yum!
Behind that sweet innocent smile is an extremely hungry girl! hehehe.

sorry for the bad photography :(
Chocolate Fondant
Their dessert selection wasn't very creative so we went for this chocolatey explosion (close enough).
Let it flow, let it flowwww..

and what's a girl date without more pictures of ourselves?

Conversations about everything and anything under the sun over excellent pasta! There was never a dull or awkward moment, like as though we've known each other for sometime now haha! If only you didn't need to leave, :( I already feel attached even though we've only met twice hahahaha!! Till we meet again Nessa! 


Monday, February 9, 2015

Into The Wilderness

Mel 06Mel 13 Mel 20
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Mel 11 Mel 15

Photographed by Khairi Zawawi
MUA & Hair by Melissa Tan
Outfit details:
TOPSHOP Bralet, Missguided Lace Maxi Skirt 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Opium, Changkat Bukit Bintang - "For 2 Please!"

Yang and i are similar in certain ways, especially when it comes to food. I usually always leave it to him to choose the restaurant cause i for one can't seem to decide unless i'm craving for something specific, like if i wanted to have steamboat, i'd just keep going on and on about it till you get me some of that wet fish ball, what you don't like to eat wet fish balls? pfft. lol anyway what we find way more exciting is when we both discover new places to eat and it's usually spontaneous and unplanned.

Changkat is probably one of the most happening places at night, there's never a night empty and quiet.. always filled with people, especially tourists! Besides the colorful nightlife, food is plentiful and good food is easily sniffed out (just made us sound like a frigging dog, my bad).

Opium is probably one of the most unique restaurants along the main street of Changkat. Its ambience brings you back to the olden oriental days where men would smoke on opium and drink alcohol while being accompanied by women with Terasa Teng playing in the background. 

this blog post will consist of pictures from our first and second night there!

Our first night at Opium was just for their drinks and snacks because the kitchen was already closed :(    SAM_2994SAM_2993

here's what we had at 11plusPm!
Calamansi Apple Ginger
Quenches your thirst instantaneously! YUM my fav :)
Mango Asam Boi 
 Kicks ya in the face with its sourness! I'm always up for anything sour sweet~ *nibble nibble on mango bits*
SAM_2861 SAM_2872
Lamb BALLS! i mean Patties.. 
fried braised lamb with sambal mayo dip! the dip is ze bomb, spicy and tangy! makes a real great snack!
Salted Egg Cream Bun aka LIU SHA BAO!
definitely up to standard! look a that creamy goodness oozing out! *obsessed*
I picked up a Thai boy! lol
me with melted make up, was doing an outdoor shoot earlier on so i was pretty tired but whatever cause  look at that pretty rose petal background :)

Second night!
We wanted to try out their main dishes so dinner at Opium it was!
SAM_2964 SAM_2965
it's cool how they serve tea with porcelain bowls instead of ordinary cups!

Time for the REAL DEAL!
Opium's signature poppy flat bread! We had the Smoked Duck and wow it was delicious, i couldn't stop eating slice after slice, thank goodness it was a small portion! MONSTER MEL, shush don't cha judge me.
Cod Fish in Curry Cream with steam buns
coconut cod submerged in thick curry!
we really wanted to order their Wagyu Rendeng but they were out! SAD LIFE US.
Crispy Tofu Salad
this was pretty ordinary :]
Yang: Put that tabasco down!!
...why would people hate on an innocent bottle of tabasco pfft. not to mention bossy! lol
SAM_2972  SAM_2954 SAM_2983
Banana Fritters with Aged Cheddar topped with Banana Ice Cream
I was completely mind blown when i had a bite of the ice cream (was totally expecting boring Vanilla), BANANA FRIGGING ICE CREAM OMG BANANA ON BANANA! SOOOO GOOOOOD I ALMOST CRIED LOL
chunks of banana in the ice cream Yummers! ONE MORE SCOOP FOR ME PLS!
the heck, your eyes are already small enough! hahaha


Hope you've enjoyed reading my series of "For 2 Please!", there shall be more to come so please keep coming back! hehe :D


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe by Cielo Dolci, Solaris Dutamas - "For 2 Please!"

Yang did some research and made a short list of the places we could try at around 10pm and one of it was Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe by Cielo Dolci. I remember passing by this cute little cafe while walking towards Barfly one night, what caught my eye was its adorable name! Just by saying "Whimsical" out loud turns me into a weird little happy kid! whimsical, icicle, tricycle, BICYCLE? i could go on and on... and i dare you to stop meeee.

Who would have thought gelato could mix really well with savory food? I for one wouldn't think it would be a great idea at all, i mean imagine a scoop of strawberry gelato on top of your aglio olio pasta, weeeeee-ird! The genius mind behind Cielo Dolci came up with all kinds of exotic flavors which will blow your mind! Have you heard of Bacon Gelato?... exactly..

Unfortunately we couldn't order the entire menu cause it was pretty late and we were only feeding two mouths. Scroll further to see what we had that night!

Tomato Basil Salad
don't be fooled by its simple outlook as it will shock you with its very unusual cooling sensation. instead of your regular creamy pesto dressing, go Basil gelato!

Not feeling very whimsical that day? Their gelato-free menu is pretty wide!
Burger Blues
beef patty with blue cheese! the patty was cooked to perfection and it looked like they use really good minced beef to make the patty, quite fatless... i actually felt healthy after every bite :P
SAM_3262 1 SAM_3256 1
Fries were extremely fresh and crunchy!
SAM_3258 1
The burger monster!
don't worry i shared my burger with him :D

We went to sample a few (almost all actually hehe) of their interesting gelato flavors and finally decided on Salted Caramel and Raspberry Cinnamon :) 
Yang called me a fatty for ordering 2 scoops so here's my not-so-guilty face!
SAM_3265 1
yeap! not an ounce of guilt!
The waffles were perfectly crispy, which is my personal favorite! Can't stand those soft and chewy ones bleh.
quit trying to copy me you crazy cow :P
dessert was so good we had to fight for the last bite! Salted Caramel was DE BOMB!! 
Saw a familiar face walking pass the cafe and he came in for a short chit chat! So good to see you again, it was nice catching up Derrek :D keep in touch :)

Anyway good news! They change their featured gelato's on a regular basis, so every visit will probably be a different set of awesome flavors! All in all, it was a fun experience at Whimsical! Will be back for more fun :)

Location & Contact

If you're not familiar with Solaris Dutamas/Publika area, it's right opposite Namoo On The Park behind the main Publika mall, same row as 7Eleven.

D2-G3-05, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6419-0966
Closed on Tuesdays