Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Good food, Good company

let's see what has been happening last week!

well my amazing friends are back from the UK! we are still waiting for everyone else to arrive so we can reunite once again and have the time of our lives until they pack up and leave again :( missing everybody together, i'm so thankful to have such genuine and sincere friends who truly love me :') you know who you are.

Anyway Rick and Rachel were the first to come home YAYers!

It has been years i've met Gan and so he invited us out for dinner at Matsuya last week. This cozy japanese restaurant is located on Telawi Street, Bangsar just right next to Mikey's New York Pizza.

For the first time in my entire life, i enjoyed my sashimi! I was brought up by parents who don't know how to appreciate sashimi hence my lack of enthusiasm over it.

The food was mega fresh! Look :)


their homemade cold tofu


salad with small fishies *nomnom* crispy goodness


but of course, girls and their salads


only sexy boys eat their vegetables ;)


the infamous ebi tempura 


gan your dimples are so cute! :D


Kyeanies and her lasting curls (inside joke)


no selfie with Rach :( but here's theirs!


Rick, nasi bojari soon :)

okay back to somemore food!


garoupa, scallop, tuna belly, salmon and egg

my personal favorites would definitely be the tuna belly aka otoro and salmon!

38b11286b7a597ca484e0e79edf98303 6175c634b1f876e68b7095d5157b0b94 9fe6323d25751ad761d1bf202a93c516 273c88e0c9737ada2cfdbb20bc87dba5

 KANPAI to good food and friendship! asian flush, paiseh.


Wagyu beef, marble grade 8! IT MELTS IN YO MOUTH WOW.  this beef lover was beyond happy, cooked to perfection i could shed tears devouring wagYU (geddit?).

photo 2


thank you gan for the amazing experience at Matsuya! :)

the girls were craving for some durian ice cream and made our way to Inside Scoop on the next street. but of course when we arrived there was no space for us! *cries* so the boys went to get the car. the girls matimati got their durian ice cream anyway.

oh yes and we managed to snag good seats ;)


honestly, i only had a few mouthfuls of ice cream :P this is for picture purposes ;)

cookie dough and durian


sorry no waffles for u guys! next time we can have some over a gossip session.

photo 4

the night couldn't end just yet..
made our way to WIP at BSC

photo 2 photo 5 photo 4 photo 1

ohmaigad the inseparable trio :')

photo 1 photo 3 

Alex who came a bit later :)

photo 1 photo 2

more of these nights to come :)


Mystical Goth Makeup

My interest in makeup has definitely developed throughout my phase of growing up into a lady but not yet a woman, you know like the Britney Spears song... okay forget it, just an attempt in making a joke. Sigh, and i keep trying anyway. 

So, yes make up has always been my little passion ever since i started competing in Latin competitions where i independently had to apply my own stage makeup at the age of 12. Imagine a 12 year old struggling with makeup oh gosh, those million rounds of trial and errors until i finally could draw a decent cat eye (decent at that time). It was stage makeup so the more dramatic it was, the better! I'm pretty damn proud of myself though, my mom knows absolutely nothing about make up and so there wasn't a choice, i had to learn fast by practicing on myself. Thank goodness i had the aptitude for it. 

Gradually, my interest for makeup became more of a therapy. I wouldn't say i makeup mainly to look good...wait, who am i kidding? :P of course it's to look and feel good! you know that extra boost of self-confidence when you're all dolled up but it sometimes isn't why i do it because i actually love going out barefaced and i normally do because i teach my fitness classes everyday, just eyeliner at most. so when i say it's therapeutic, it's just something i enjoy doing, the step-by-step process of drawing that almost perfect cat eye or selecting the different shades of eyeshadow to match each other.

My favorite step of the whole makeup process would probably be drawing my eyeliner because just with those few strokes can significantly change your look, from a subtle demure look to that wild catty look. it just brings me great satisfaction when i see my art painted well. :)

i've always wanted to try bolder shades of lip color after looking at so many gorgeous asian Intragramers pulling it off so well! i find it so sultry! so i stumbled upon TOPSHOP's lipstick, Depth. An extremely deep purple shade.

let the experiment begin! *EXCITED KITTY MODE*

TOPSHOP Lips in Depth

It looks almost black in the picture but i promise you it's a very deep purple.

People here in Malaysia would probably get a minor heart-attack from the first sight of such dark lips, especially when i'm comparatively very fair and my lips are fairly voluptuous hehe. Oh come on, i come in peace! ;)

Anyway, i daringly walked around today in this colored lips with barely any eye makeup on so it wasn't a complete look. Got home relatively early and decided to finish my look with some eye makeup just for fun!

and well how could i remove it without taking a few vain shots ;)

brace yourself for my Mystical Goth look...

make08 make03make02 make01
make09 make10

Dare to be different.

i won't go into the details tonight as i don't remember what i used for my eye makeup :( it was a sloppy and rush do. next time i'd definitely do so :) hope you liked this makeup post! i promise i'll be doing these more often :)

 xoxo, Mel

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sydney Day2: Shopping w Lululemon & Lorna Jane

our king size bed was no joke the most comfortable and it really hugged our bodies in just making you wanna sleep more but time was precious!
another sunny and breezy day in sydney. perfect weather calls for more long walks and discovery!


DSC_1293 DSC_1297 DSC_1295 DSC_1300

such a 'feeling' picture which wasn't intentional, cause i really do look like this most of the time...
lululemon2 lululemon1
a happy customer indeed!
as a fitness phreak, well this is my kind of heaven!

DSC_1281 DSC_1320
and the raiding starts!


the most enthusiastic sale babe ever! we need more of you in malaysia babygirl! so so gorgeous and sweet :) thank you for making my experience at Lorna Jane, Sydney such a lovely one! :)

selfie with momster!

the best part about this trip was being able to bring home new memories of the new friends made :)

after much shopping and walking it was time to scout for food!
free & easy is how we roll! no daily itinerary made beforehand, just discover our way throughout the day!
we made our way to Darling Harbour hoping to find delicious aussie food...

tip on determining if the food is good: WHERE THE PEOPLE AT!


Beef Burger
DSC_1356 DSC_1365
DSC_1345 walked back to our hotel to drop our shopping bags off and got ready for another night in Sydney.

to be continued...