Friday, May 8, 2015

Singapore in May 15' Part 1

Kim aka my cousin suggested we getaway during the long 4-day holiday last week, didn't think I'd be going to Singapore anytime soon but spontaneity is probably my favorite thing in the world so it was a definite YES! We booked our flight+accommodation as soon as we confirmed the dates. So yay!! Got to get out of Malaysia for a bit and away from reality to just free the mind and galavant about on our own!

When I told people that I was going to Singapore, the first word that uttered from their mouths was "Expensive!" and yeah the exchange rate now is quite mad but oh well..CLOSE ONE EYE!

Our flight was at 6:10am, mom and dad took us there.. can't thank them enough!
Water for the non coffee drinker.
I have a stick bird on my forehead, do you see it?
Matching outfits which were completely unintentional of course hehe. I had like an hour of sleep, explains the tired eyes :(

Our first destination was to Pasir Ris to visit our auntie and her family which included this cutie below..
Baby Jordan, stop that mesmerizing almond eyes please you're melting my heart <3 He's gonna be such a romeo when he grows up!
Julian who loves kaya toast and thinks fishballs are dirty. LOL
Lobak in 3 different styles.
First time seeing fishball noodles that also included pork meat, pork ball and prawn! It was good though, you'll not find this in KL HAHAHA! :)

There was a long queue of people waiting to check in when we got to Studio M located on Nanson Road @ Robertson Quay. After checking in, unfortunately we had to wait 2 more hours because our room wasn't ready yet. 

Welcome to the second floor where the pool, gym and makan area is. It is pretty spacious but you probably can't see it from the picture. I was sort of saddened by the pool's condition, quite pathetic actually.. was really looking forward to taking a dip. Though I was thrilled to find out that their gym was sufficiently equipped with good machines and had great ventilation! So.. Gym over Pool any day!
17398718091_0f6ef85468_o 17212875569_1f3069edaa_o
Chilled at their in-house deli MEMO while waiting for our room.
Satisfying <3
The heavenly bed in Studio M! It literally gives you the quicksand effect and the percentage of you getting out of bed especially after a tiring day is a sure 0. I won't lie though, I was quite surprised at how small the room was because in pictures it looked much bigger.. fooled by great photography pfft.
Studio M is famous for their conceptual loft rooms and I wouldn't deny how cool it is having a personal staircase in our room that led to a sofa bed and study table, though it did end up being pretty redundant as we didn't use the upper floor.. (sucker for cool things) The shower and toilet bowl were in separate small rooms. The size of the rooms are real compact like ngam ngam for you to stand and bathe and ngam ngam for you to pang sai and pang jio *ehem* HAHAHA! 

Fortunately for the huge window that allows plenty of light to enter and the incredibly high ceiling, it was no doubt a lovely and cozy room.
The corridor was the perfect spot for an OOTD picture! #lightingOnPoint
 Wild Honey @ Mandarin Orchard for an early dinner!sg12 sg13
Monte Cubano
Pulled pork sandwich YUMMM!

Sweet Morning
Brioche french toasts stuffed with grilled mango and served with vanilla scented mascarpone, hibiscus infused berry compote and maple syrup.. just urgh so good!!
Day 1 was just filled with endless walking along Orchard road, from mall to mall.
An early night for us, was oh-so tired from the lack of sleep and walking. I also planned to exercise the next morning.. I mean just look at that double chin! hahaha!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask Review

Ever since year 2015 started I've been more wary of my skin condition. I've also made a promise to myself that I'd be more committed in taking good care of my skin. Daily routines were such a hassle at first but after a while it became a great habit! Leaving home feeling moisturized and protected, those few minutes was all it took to make a difference. Besides, application of make up will be much smoother and the best part is there will be less flaws to cover up. Less is more my dear girlfriends :) SAY NO TO CAKEYNESS!

So I recently received this Detoxifying Facial Mask by TruSelf Organics and was eager to give it a try! At first I imagined it to be the usual cream or gel texture, but it is in powder form! Which I personally love as you get to play with its consistency.

The cover states it all :)

I had a blonde moment during my first ever application by putting way too much apple cider thinking it would stick! LOL!! Regretted for being such a dimwit cause I wasted quite a bit of powder :( Anyway, do learn from my mistake as it should only be 75% powder and 25% water/apple cider. And yes, apparently apple cider gives you the extra detox!


I couldn't smile in the mask, I tried my best lol. I also feel sorry for my unloved lips here :(

After rinsing off, my face was little red for 10-30 minutes and yes I did panic at first thinking my skin was reacting badly to the mask until I found out that it's completely normal as this mask activates blood circulation. My advice is that if you have sensitive skin like mine, 10 minutes would be more than enough to suck out all those nasty creatures living in your pores! 

The end result of this mask was absolutely amazing because I felt as though my skin was glowing and I could see how cleaned up my pores were. Unlike other masks I used to wear, the effectiveness of this product really caught me by surprise, didn't expect such immediate results. I'll definitely keep using this mask for extra maintenance.

The next morning I headed to Penang with great skin! 


Amanda aka Super Model Momma aka Owner of TruSelf Organics is truly inspiring! She's incredibly fit and enterprising <3 Follow to Know :)

TruSelf Organic products can be purchased here :)


Turning Blonde

So this is probably old news to most of you guys especially if you follow my Instagram, if you haven't already my username is 'misspopsasa' :) Anyway, yeah it was right before chinese new year when i got my hair makeover again, yes I know I've been neglecting this space a lot :( I wanna bash myself up for not updating about this much earlier but... here I am so let's get to it!

I've wanted to go blonde for awhile now but I didn't have the guts to just DO IT so I procrastinated for a long time, taking baby steps like just highlighting certain parts of my hair to go lighter. Reasons why I procrastinated was because...

1. Bleach Till Ya Make It

Those butt aching hours of thoroughly bleaching the crap out of my hair seemed frightening at first. Especially with stubborn asian hair, it will take multiple visits to the hair salon till all pigmentation has been stripped of from the hair (it doesn't just sound bloody violent, it really is). Not forgetting all the scary stories I have read about how bleach can really damage your hair and especially if you want to turn really blonde. You'll need the bleach to be left in longer which means MORE damage to the hair. It leaves the hair dry and brittle.

2. Hair/Scalp Condition

Was my hair strong enough for the hue? To be honest, I've always thought my hair was pretty strong in general but I ain't no hair expert so I couldn't make that conclusion on my own. I do occasionally suffer from sensitive scalp, mine is probably a really mild version compared to other really serious cases but yeah it tends to itch a little causing dandruff and IT SUCKS.

3. Maintenance

You can't be blonde forever. Dark roots will grow out, very quickly in fact. I found that a major downside because I would need to make frequent visits to the hair salon which just means KACHING KACHING! Monehhhhh! Super high maintenance head.

4. Face Shape

What has the face shape got to do with turning blonde? I had this fear that my face would look boarder than it already looks with such a light color.

Those are the few main concerns that were constantly running through my mind before I told myself "what the heck? YOLO!" before you start judging me for using the most overly used cliche motto, I'm pretty sure I'm using it the right way :P nothing so ridiculous about turning blonde.

Seriously though, if I don't do it Now.. then when?

Back at The Met KL where I've been doing my hair ever since I fell in love with their professionalism.
Weave bleaching to create a more natural look instead of just slapping on chunks of bleach throughout my whole head. My scalp was not touched during this process, Randall didn't want to risk burning my scalp. Better safe than Sorry!
After the bleaching process, the outcome came to a brassy orange-yellow tone which is pretty unacceptable on it's own! Yes I can now blend in at Sungai Wang... *cries*
I guess my hair could only take so much bleach for the day!
Sweetie pie Jeffrey finished up with the toning and styling for me! Kept him there till 10pm, thank you dear!
I actually brought make up to the salon but I got so lazy and tired, who's gonna see me at 10pm anyway?
 Here are some pictures I took the next day using my ring light.
It looks so GORGEOUS under white light :) a bit fake but who cares!

I've discovered the best make up for this look and it is definitely Minimalism. 

Be More with Less! 

blonde09 blonde08 blonde10


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nerovivo Lunch Date ♥

I got a lovely surprise text from Vanessa two weeks ago inviting me out on a date! Her boyfriend who is a close friend of mine has always mentioned that we (Nessa and I) needed to meet when she comes to KL cause he was real certain that we would get along and so the three of us met up for dinner and to no surprise, Nessa and I clicked immediately. She's totally how I imagined her to be, easy going and real cheerful with her British accent, hawt! Not to mention she's absolutely gorgeous! Too bad guys, she's taken :P I still remember for the very first time we greeted each other on skype, her accent was so strong it was amusing! Can't help but be a little of a 'jakun' hehehe! I don't come across asian girls with a strong British accent very often k... Not to mention that it's the real deal!! 

So we agreed to go for an Italian lunch! I've been to Nerovivo once but it was years ago during a family dinner and I can't remember what I ate so I can say it's sort of my first time there too.. no?

Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomatoes
"fritto della casa" basically deep fried squid, prawns, white baby fish with delicious creamy dip!
one of Nerovivo's classic pasta dish, Squid ink taglietelle crab pasta!
The taste of it was out of the world! Tasted really buttery yet not jelak and that distinct crab flavor went so well together. Their pastas are homemade so it was thick enough, cooked to perfection!
That poised moment before I ruined my red lipstick and devoured this pasta dish which included using my hands (how else would I eat crab huh?)! Poor Nessa had to see such a sight... on our first date! hahaha!
homemade Scialatelli pasta with mix seafood, white wine & saffron sauce
yummy yum!
Behind that sweet innocent smile is an extremely hungry girl! hehehe.

sorry for the bad photography :(
Chocolate Fondant
Their dessert selection wasn't very creative so we went for this chocolatey explosion (close enough).
Let it flow, let it flowwww..

and what's a girl date without more pictures of ourselves?

Conversations about everything and anything under the sun over excellent pasta! There was never a dull or awkward moment, like as though we've known each other for sometime now haha! If only you didn't need to leave, :( I already feel attached even though we've only met twice hahahaha!! Till we meet again Nessa! 


Monday, February 9, 2015

Into The Wilderness

Mel 06Mel 13 Mel 20
Mel 19Mel 16 Mel 14 Mel 08 Mel 03
Mel 12
Mel 11 Mel 15

Photographed by Khairi Zawawi
MUA & Hair by Melissa Tan
Outfit details:
TOPSHOP Bralet, Missguided Lace Maxi Skirt